There has never been a more critical time than now. We need to teach our children how to communicate with compassion. To act with empathy. To love themselves, and live with purpose.

Students who participate in RENEW workshops discover their potential, step into their power, and begin living their dreams at an early age. Help us provide these life-changing workshops to more young people around the world - in Tanzania, the US and beyond. We're training teachers to leave a long-lasting impact in the schools we visit, and providing youth summits to inspire and empower hundreds of young people at once.

So, how can you help?

$125 - Sponsor a student in the RENEW program!
$250 - Sponsor 2 students in the RENEW program!
$500 - Sponsor 4 students in the RENEW program!
$1,000 - Sponsor 8 students in the RENEW program!
$5,000 - Sponsor an entire school in the RENEW program! (and join us in Tanzania to visit the school you've sponsored!)

Currently programs are ongoing in Tanzania and Arizona, and we are about to hold a workshop for youth in Australia. With your help, we can continue to bring this program to new schools and reach more children than ever before. We could provide this program for 400 new students if we reach our goal of $50,000!!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. With your help, we can make an impact for thousands of children. Every child deserves to know how huge their potential is, and love themselves at a deep level.

With love and gratitude,

Adam, Uswege, and the RENEW team


What kids are saying about RENEW:

“From the workshop I gained confidence. Before that, I didn’t know that I was a leader. And from the workshop I promised that I would become the leader, and as you can see, now I am the leader of the school. Before I didn’t participate in morning speech or debate, but now I participate in it because of my leadership and that makes me feel really happy, because of that workshop I gained confidence and I know that I’m a leader. Another thing from the workshop: self-awareness. Now I have my notebook to write my dreams, what I plan to do in my coming life. I gained self-awareness and arranged my things: what I need to stop in order to succeed and what I need to do more in order to succeed. You know, the workshop helped me so much.”

"The program has helped me to have strong determination upon my dreams; to understand that I have something important to my life and to the community; it has raised my effort of working hard to achieve my dreams so am now busy to build a perfect life."

RENEW in Australia:



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